Measure the attendance and occupancy of your museum

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Already have a people counting system ?

We connect directly to your counting software, the operation is very simple and no additional equipment is needed

You don’t have any counting system ?

We install counters at the entrance of your institution. The setup takes less than 15 minutes and no wired connection is needed. .

You can count people by yourself ?

For very small institutions, we offer a tool that allows the staff to collect the counting data regularly for a modest price.

Measure the waiting time for your museum

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Do not leave your visitors with a bad impression

The perceived waiting time is on average overestimated by 36%, objective information avoids that visitors over-estimate the expected time. By informing them you also show them that you control this expectation and that you are doing everything to reduce it.

Keep control of your queues

Wait time is a key indicator to drive your business, both in terms of hospitality and safety. Knowing precisely the waiting time allows your business to make the right decisions (Business Intelligence).

Easy and stand-alone installation

We install our sensors at the entrance of your establishment. Their installation does not require a network connection and is very simple thanks to their compact size.

Show your information on mobile

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Manage your opening hours

Edit your opening hours in a few clicks and easily manage several weekly schedules.

Communicate with your visitors

Display pop-up messages and share what's new: event, unexpected closure, special notice...

Manage your page

Edit your information on your page at any time : accessibility, entrance conditions, services...

Control and exploit your occupancy data

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Choose your parameters

Choose the period, the data, the institutions… Instantly see the results !

Visualize your indicators

Your admin dashboard compute all your key statistics with visual graphs for an enhanced understanding of your visitors' needs.

Export, share, integrate

You own the collected data and you can export them anytime: To share them in open data, create automatic mail reports for the library directory or integrate graph in activity reports.

Add an innovative service into your website: Affluences APIs

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From virtual to actual users

The attendance and occupancy API lets visitors check the occupancy in a blink: they are relieved and can better prepare their visit.

Adopt the dynamic schedule

The “schedule” API automatically displays the opening hours of the current week retrieved from the portal. The information is clear and concise.

Compatible with any website

The Affluences APIs can be integrated into any website (K-Sup, Drupal, Wordpress…), it’s as easy as publishing a new article.

Discover which offer works best for you:

Standard Gold
Mobile application
  • Featured on the Affluences mobile application (Android and Iphone)
  • Free to use and without ad (certified “Proxima Mobile”)
Schedule management
  • Schedule changes done in real time
  • Input schedule information in advance
Information management
  • Edit all information shown in the app: accessibility, equipment, online booking…
Multi-account management
  • Unlimited accounts with right management ( edit schedule, useful information, pop-up messages…)
Pop-up messages on mobile
  • Broadcast pop-up information messages (to advertise an event, inform of an unexpected closure…)
  • Plan the schedule of the message in advance
Website integration (API)
  • Display of the occupancy on your website or in-place screens (easy integration using API)
  • Display opening hours on your website or in-place screens (easy integration using API)
Complete analysis of statistics
  • Visualize data : Occupancy, attendance, views on the application...
  • Analyze data : Institution comparison, period of the year...
Automatic mail reports
  • Combined reports of multiple institutions (sum of all entries...)
  • Send scheduled email reports to a list of contacts on a regular basis

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